Qige Liang

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


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Digital art account: @liangqg_

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When the planet was submerged by the sea, the souls killed by humans were awakened.

The whales overthrew the former overlords and ruled the new world.

They already have as many resources as the entire planet, they have plenty of food,  they are more powerful than any living thing on this planet.

Perhaps it was the primitive hunting that left human marks on them,

human beings have become the treasure they long for.

The works are inspired by modern whaling. I drew in ink on cold press papers and colored with Chinese ink, markers, and Photoshop.

Qige Liang | Illustration
Whale - Rebirth - Symbiosis - Reincarnation
Qige Liang | Illustration 5
The Goddess of Whale
Qige Liang | Illustration 4
Whale Fall & Symbiosis
Qige Liang | Illustration 3
Qige Liang | Illustration 2
Qige Liang | Illustration 1
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