Rachael Petrie

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury



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+44 7712 264923

Screen printed posters (under the canteen counter) and banners (suspended from the ceiling) sit alongside vinyl posters (displayed on the windows). Presenting socio-political and cultural elements of Millwall FC in this way surrounds the viewer with a type of positive propaganda- combining two contradictory worlds into one physical space whilst generating discourse- whether simply about football leagues or the wider, topical contextual issues at hand. “Fanzine” inspired publications present lived experience of “home games”, through 35mm film. Depicting perhaps banal routines, the representation is an honest romanticisation of lived experience differing to that of years of negative media publicity. Asking questions and deeper introspection of who, and what is so important to these days and how they might shape life beyond “game day” rituals. Community is at the forefront of these works- how it is imperative in each and every environment, the way in which it is intrinsically woven within us; the sheer importance of acknowledging that and acting on it.

Rachael Petrie | Fine Art 5
So You Think You Could Manage Being Millwall?
Rachael Petrie | Fine Art 4
"So You Think You Could Manage Being Millwall?" on display plinth
Rachael Petrie | Fine Art 3
"So You Think You Could Manage Being Millwall?"
Rachael Petrie | Fine Art 2
Screen Printed "Lions Food Hub" Posters
Rachael Petrie | Fine Art 1
Screen Printed "Lions Food Hub" Banners
Rachael Petrie | Fine Art
Vinyl "Lions Food Hub" Posters
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