Reuven Manore

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


My showcase work is a selection of pieces from my portfolio. From the beginning of the project- which is in the Tower Hamlets area of London, I was interested in creating a space that is community centred. I have always been involved and interested in the arts, and after researching into the local community, I believed it was very fitting to create a space for the arts- in the form of an educational facility and venue. My project is very culturally centred and so I have used architecture and design to produce an energetic and inspiring environment for people to experience.

The other side of my project focuses on preserving local history. I have worked with the original WWII factory building, singing it as not only a structural element, but a shell in which my building fits into, showcasing the buildings new era, whilst celebrating its industrial past.

The original structure of the building is the backbone of the building, with the new extension extending from it in a dramatic way. The sloped roof along the canal side provides an outdoor environment for students to gather, rehearse and perform, with large, stepped seating for spectators to watch. Internally, large open spaces provide a lively environment, with triple height spaces revealing the original shell of the factory building. Rehearsal spaces seem to rest up above along the framework, leaving large gallery spaces below for people to socialise and enjoy. The openness encourages people to feel involved, and I have included a couple of open studios within to allow students to feel part of a community.

The feeling of transparency and openness was the key aim within my project, as from the moment the brief was created, I wanted the community dynamics within the surrounding area to feed through, into the building, so that the building becomes a local landmark, rather than a closed education facility- a space for everyone to use and enjoy in different ways.

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Reuven Manore | Architecture
1.50 scale Building section
Reuven Manore | Architecture 5
1.50 scale section
Reuven Manore | Architecture 4
Building elevations
Reuven Manore | Architecture 3
Exploded Axonometric and structural diagram
Reuven Manore | Architecture 2
Environmental Strategy diagram
Reuven Manore | Architecture 1
Access and Programmatic diagram