Rory Bracken

BA (Hons) Fashion Branding & Communication


Rory Bracken (He/Him)

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @RoryBracken_Styling

My grad project is an app proposal: XTYLE is an application (available on mobile or tablet) that would allow the user to build a lookbook or moodboard using images that can be cited for portfolio work or to be used otherwise in any professional capacity. The app would be produced in collaboration with the publication Vogue Runway and the fashion resale platform Vestiare Collective. This proposal contains written commentary, an interview, images, original illustrations and promotional visuals in a PDF file as well as a short advertising video made on Canva, appropriate for use on the App Store.

Rory Bracken | Fashion & Textiles 1
XTYLE logo, made on procreate
Rory Bracken | Fashion & Textiles
XTYLE for App Store
Rory Bracken | Fashion & Textiles 2
XTYLE visuals, made on procreate and photoshop
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