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I’m a firm believer that humans are as innately loving and creative as we are violent and destructive. There’s lots of symbolic imagery within ‘spores of creation’ and I don’t like to tell people what to think, especially when it comes to art, but I’ll share the intentions behind some of the choices I made…

The protagonist of my story was chosen to be a woman early on, originally because I had noticed our recreations of palaeolithic times are especially male cantered. But this idea later became useful with the symbolism of humanities ability to create, hence her pregnant body and the child her left hand is associated with. Mirroring this, her right hand represents her destructive side, hence the spear and her right hands connecting the mushroom spawning a vision of the destructive development of humanities future.

The choice to make the vision sequence traditionally was one made far too late but one I’m happy I made. I learned something by re-creating the conditions our distant ancestors worked with, and feel as though the viewer seeing each stroke made, each fingerprint left, forms a connection between artist and viewer, as art connects all of humanity.

There’s spiritual symbolism within my mushrooms as well, but I feel that’s a connection to be made on an individual basis, whether the mushroom symbolises a connection to the earth or a godly message similar to that of the burning bush I’ll leave up to you, I’ve reached my word count limit.

Seren Cartwright | Animation 12
Frame from the animation
Seren Cartwright | Animation 11
Still frame from FMP
Seren Cartwright | Animation 10
Still frame from FMP
Seren Cartwright | Animation 9
Still frame from FMP
Seren Cartwright | Animation 8
Still frame from FMP
Seren Cartwright | Animation 7
Still frame from FMP
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