Siddhi Shah

BA (Hons) Studio Practice (Graphic Design)


Campaign aimed at showcasing the good things about being shy and stressing that it’s okay to take your time and resist peer pressure. With the help of this project, the perception that everyone has to be talkative will be changed to one that values the qualities that come with listening well .

The campaign is based on the notion that shyness is a different kind of strength, especially when it comes to the capacity for attentive listening and in-depth understanding. People are encouraged by the project to embrace their individuality and to interact with others at their own speed.

I made clay lips to represent the value of listening and to give the message a solid form. To challenge the myth that one must talk in order to be heard or respected, participants were asked to smash these ceramic lips. This gesture demonstrated how important listeners are to communication and social interactions in a cathartic and symbolic way.To advertise that I created posters and booklet to give guidance .

Siddhi Shah | Graphic Design 1
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