Siyan Cao

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Farnham


Seed Paper Blind Box Branding Programme – Public service brand about encourage people to connect with nature by planting.

Plink is a non-benefit redesign type brand selling blind seed cartons – all non-cost benefits are passed back to the consumer. The brand’s core purpose is to encourage people to strengthen their perceived connection with nature. Moreover, Plink wants to achieve its core purpose by standing up for the interests of the consumer.

The brand sells three types of blind seed boxes with three tiers of small, usable pots inside. Consumers can choose based on their personal psychology – colourful outer packaging, white personal DIY packaging, and brown washable paper packaging. After planting, consumers can enter a competition on the website based on the growth status of the plant and receive prizes according to their ranking.

Siyan Cao | Graphic Design 16
Brand Promotional Chart
Siyan Cao | Graphic Design 15
Siyan Cao | Graphic Design 14
Siyan Cao | Graphic Design 13
Final 1
Siyan Cao | Graphic Design 12
Final 2
Siyan Cao | Graphic Design 11
Plink Website
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