Tom Evans

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Farnham


My project explores the relationship between waste and design, particularly within the museum and exhibition space.

While working on my project I aimed to produce as little waste as possible; I accomplished this by reusing waste materials for other uses, such as the hand made paper my posters are printed on, and incorporating design practices that reduces material waste.

I hope my project can inspire both designers, and non-designers to be more environmentally conscious, and consider their impact on the Earth more thoroughly.

Tom Evans | Graphic Design 4
70 MEGATONNES: How can exhibition waste be reduced through design?
Tom Evans | Graphic Design 3
Unit report detailing my project
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Tom Evans | Graphic Design 2
Poster 01
Tom Evans | Graphic Design 1
Poster 02
Tom Evans | Graphic Design
Poster 03
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