Xuanle Zheng

BA (Hons) Product & Furniture Design


Website: xuanlezhengs.com

Personal Instagram: cinderererere

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07579918604

This is a set of furniture designed to foster companionship between humans and cats. The structure is crafted so that while people work, cats have their own areas to freely approach in their preferred manner.

In the early stages of design, I noticed that most pet furniture on the market is centered around human needs. I felt this was unfair to our pets, which inspired me to create a space that balances the needs of both humans and cats.

I experimented continuously with the table’s design, aiming to create a small space where both cats and humans can feel utmost comfort. The curved acrylic provides a sense of shelter and security for cats. There are also custom-made platforms integrated into the transparent acrylic panels, where cats can jump onto the table or rest temporarily—after all, they enjoy elevated spots.

Such a table not only provides a comfortable work area for people but also ample space for cats to perch. Imagine a cat weaving through an openwork stool. It might be snuggling at a person’s feet, quietly lying inside the stool, or possibly using the acrylic stool as a springboard to jump onto the table. The rest of its functionality is for the cats to discover.

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