Zaqwan Jaffree

BA (Hons) Studio Practice (Graphic Design)


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As a student myself, I know first-hand how difficult it is to build a network and increase career prospects, especially within the creative industry. Therefore, for my final major project, I created an app called Merge.

Merge is an app designed specifically for students in the creative industry. The ultimate aim of Merge is to ease the networking process by allowing aspiring artists like myself to seek inspiration, share their work, and collaborate on projects on a designated platform.

What sets Merge apart from its competitors is its primary focus on embracing collaboration while simultaneously helping users build and expand their networks.

App’s Prototype –

Zaqwan Jaffree | Graphic Design 1
Merge App’s Onboarding Page
Zaqwan Jaffree | Graphic Design 3
Merge Poster Design
Zaqwan Jaffree | Graphic Design 2
Merge | UCA Bilboard Mockup
Zaqwan Jaffree | Graphic Design
Merge Monthly Challenge
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