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The little pig at night came out to play, looking at the sky that round moon, bright moonlight shining on the face of the little pig, he never seemed to have seen such beauty such beauty. From then on, he came to the lawn outside the house every night on time, sitting on the lawn to meet this beauty only at night. With the passage of time, his heart sprouted infinite greed, he likes to stay with the moon forever, bathing in the moonlight that he thirsts for all the time… So he remembered Superman who had been in the book, he made a red cape by himself and wrote on some of his own to represent the hope of the “s “Alphabet. Looking at himself in the mirror, he thought he had mastered the way to accompany the moon. Until on the upper slope…he jumped several times but could not bring him to the night sky, no matter how hard he tried, there was never a way to go with the wind, to where he wanted to go…and the only constant seemed to be that no matter how much he tried, the moon was still looking at him silently.
Time passed and Piggy grew up a bit, and this time he tried to utilize a ladder and ride up to the clouds in an attempt to get to the moon. Until then, he never missed a chance to meet the moon, and every night he would sit on the lawn… This time he gathered different materials and tried to build the tallest ladder to reach the night sky. But then he realized that a ladder on the ground wasn’t high enough, so he leaned the built ladder against his house and climbed up on the roof himself to try to keep building the ladder higher…only no matter what it was never high enough, or the ladder wasn’t stable enough and fell. But no matter how much he tossed it around, the moon was never shy, always accepting Piggy’s nonsense, tolerating all attempts, and did not see it as an intrusion to hide behind the clouds
Eventually…Piggy also accepted the fact that he could only accompany the moon from afar…no matter where Piggy was, the moon was still beautiful, and still the center of Piggy’s heart…except that Piggy, at that time, accepted the beautiful full moon even more, and enjoyed every moment under the moonlight even more…and the moon, too, never begrudged its own light…no matter what Piggy had done!

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