Adelina-Nicoleta Apetrei

Fine Art


Adelina Apetrei is a filmmaker and photographer from Romania, born in 2001. Her work focuses on capturing life in its raw form, observing and documenting communities, the material and spiritual world, and religion through anthropological research. Adelina is skilled in both digital and analogue mediums, with her recent work featuring footage captured on DVD camcorders, VHS-C tapes, and digitally using Sony FS7 camera.

Track Up! is a documentary showcasing a single club night in the heart of the UK’s rave culture – Bristol. Created in partnership with Exodus Records, the film documents the initial stages of setting up the event, from preparing the venue with sound and light checks to the arrival of the first party-goers who are eager to dance and enjoy the music played by local DJs. The film captures the excitement of the rave scene, allowing the individuals involved to share their thoughts and emotions about the upcoming night. The atmosphere is welcoming and unobtrusive, providing a friendly environment for everyone to come together and enjoy the music and atmosphere.

Adelina-Nicoleta Apetrei | Fine Art
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