Aislin Boxall



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Instagram - @aislin_creative

An amalgamation of colour, pattern and texture, Aislin’s jewellery is large-scale and contemporary. Using mixed media such as Jesmonite, textiles and 3D printed resins, Aislin pushes material boundaries and is highly experimental in her development. Using materials less conventional to jewellery drives her process to be innovative and explorative.

Aislin is inspired by her environment, finding interest around her in places others may not expect. For her graduate collection, Aislin was inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s mosaics in Barcelona, looking at fragments, how they are broken, how they can be reformed, as well as the patterns within them. Her pieces explore fragmentation whilst investigating the relationship between textiles and Jesmonite and how they can create moveable texture in jewellery.


Aislin Boxall | Crafts 5
Fragmentation Necklace - Jesmonite, Hessian Netting, Enamel Paint
Aislin Boxall | Crafts 4
Shard Brooch - Jesmonite, Stainless Steel Wire
Aislin Boxall | Crafts 3
Fragmentation Necklace - Jesmonite, Hessian Netting
Aislin Boxall | Crafts 2
Mosaic Necklace - Cotton Netting, Jesmonite, 3D Prints, Copper Tube, Nylon Thread
Aislin Boxall | Crafts 1
Shard Brooch 2 - Jesmonite, 3D Prints, Nylon Thread
Aislin Boxall | Crafts
Fracture Necklace - Hessian Netting, Jesmonite, Copper Wire
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