Claire Quick



My work is inspired by nature and the natural forms that we see all around us. I enjoy the element of discovery, exploration and experimentation and the natural world is continually changing, creating a great source of inspiration.

The themes in my work are based on my observations, and how I interpret these. Capturing that moment in time, for example the patterns created on the surface of the water from the light, and the surface textures that we see in the natural flora such as lichen and bark.

My initial ideas are explored through drawing, then developed further through working with the different mediums and extensive testing. My main area of interest is lost wax casting where you can manipulate the medium and capture the organic textures and forms to build more sculptural forms.

Observing various natural environments has inspired me to explore texture and surface to create jewellery that has an organic, tactile quality.

Claire Quick | Crafts 5
The amalgamation of capturing the different surface textures and coloration to depict the fluidity of the patterns working together.
Claire Quick | Crafts 4
The necklace is an amalgamation of different textures created to depict the patterns on the water’s surface, fluidity, and the surface of lichen through casting and coloration with chemical patination.
Claire Quick | Crafts 3
Contrasting textures come together in this piece, to build the structural form. The cup formation, and the addition of gold foil using Keum-boo depict the ‘cup-like’ structures found on Lichen.
Claire Quick | Crafts 2
The texture of the porcelain captures the patterns on lichen or the surface of the water, the lichen is cast directly, and the composition brings the contrasting effects together.
Claire Quick | Crafts 1
Created from lichen depicting the ‘cup-like’ structures which are accentuated using gold leaf in contrast to the body of the lichen. The framing is used to capture the organic structures.
Claire Quick | Crafts
The multiple lichen pixie cups are brought together to create a cascade effect, coloration of the cups being liquid gold enamel or matt white create contrast with the black surround.
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