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Through adaptive re-use of an existing building, I worked on creating a community center close to the heart of Canterbury at St Gregory’s Church which is currently St Gregory’s Center for Music owned by CCCU. The design is based on the concept of Salutogenic Architecture which focuses on providing solutions for promoting good health and well-being rather than treatment of diseases as an aftermath. The design focused on providing various spaces for separate activities that are interactive, recreational, skill-enhancing,  therapeutic and those that are contributive towards health and well-being of the community members.

Aleena Rose | Interior Design 6
Eden Community Garden Center
Aleena Rose | Interior Design
Music: Circuit Musician: Jeff Kaale
Aleena Rose | Interior Design 5
Interactive spaces in a therapeutic garden courtyard
Aleena Rose | Interior Design 4
Room partitions that are contrastingly simple to the busy-ness of the existing fabric of the church.
Aleena Rose | Interior Design 3
Aleena Rose | Interior Design 2
Social Health Cafe
Aleena Rose | Interior Design 1
New Building Complex with Social Health Cafe, Recreational Room, Yoga and Art Studio connected together by a courtyard garden.
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