Radhika Chagane

MA Interior Design


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Solitary- Nurture Through Nature

How can we mimic the interactions of antisocial bees to inform and explore designs, programs and a navigation system to support the autistic community and improve skill set surrounding memory within Hounslow Heath?

A world with heightened senses shows the beauty of everything mundane; can also hold the power to project the overwhelming senses in its surroundings. A recent study has shown antisocial bees and the autistic community have the same genetic profile. Inspiring my design, Solitary, to investigate the bee interactions and roles to see how they can be applied spatially to aid accessible design.

The main building is a learning centre where autistic children can interact and learn certain skills that focus on ways they can navigate in the real world. It’s a space that mimics the idealistic world problems and how to tackle them using wax as a navigation system. Where Solitary focuses on teaching ‘hard skills’, the private pavilions, carry activities that use the idea of nurture through nature, improving ‘soft skills’. It allows children to enhance abilities that develop naturally and enables independence.

Radhika Chagane | Interior Design 11
Solitary Section
Radhika Chagane | Interior Design 8
Bee Tracings
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Radhika Chagane | Interior Design 5
Illustration showing Investigation on Bees and Autism
Radhika Chagane | Interior Design 9
Wax Stimming Experimentation
Radhika Chagane | Interior Design 7
Collages of Interior spaces
Radhika Chagane | Interior Design 1
Wax Navigation and Disposal system
Radhika Chagane | Interior Design 12
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