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I initially completed an Access Diploma at the UCA, Canterbury in 2019, which enabled me to undertake a BA Hons in Fashion Textiles at Rochester.  I am a mature student and have really enjoyed my time studying with the UCA.   I have learnt many new skills and in my final year I was able to develop these skills even further.  My final project comprised of creating an initial concept, producing primary drawings, developing them into print designs to complete a collection of four different outfits.

Concept: GAIA Mother Universe 

My concept was about a lone female astronaut who chooses to go on a solo mission in the hope she can save humanity.  It is a story that symbolises our current existence on Earth and our quest for humanity to renew life on another planet.  Since the threat of global warming, humankind has never been so focused on space exploration.

My collection includes different prints, to example the astronaut’s experience and sentimental objects that hold personal memories of love and hope, the driving force in her desire to re-establish life. 

I designed each garment with a futuristic element, using metallic foil prints, and styled to example what the astronaut would wear in space.  I used recycled materials – one garment, an astronaut style coat, was made from a second-hand bedspread which would have eventually been destined for landfill.  On the coat a ‘space shuttle porthole window’ where the astronaut looks out to see her memories of sentimental objects floating in space.

I am thrilled to have been selected for Graduate Fashion Week in June where I will be presenting my designs.


Models: Emily – @emily.e.ash, Mercedes – @bbyb3nzz, Georgina – @ginatubb

Photographer – Mercedes – @bbyb3nzz



Amanda Andrews | Textiles 4
GAIA (Mother Universe) - Digital Print
Amanda Andrews | Textiles 3
GAIA (Mother Universe) Collection
Amanda Andrews | Textiles 2
GAIA (Mother Universe) Foil Screen Printed Dress with Devore Underskirt
Amanda Andrews | Textiles 1
GAIA (Mother Universe) Digital Print Jumpsuit
Amanda Andrews | Textiles
GAIA (Mother Universe) Recycled Astronaut Style Coat
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