Ellie Silvester



Instagram: @ellieprintdesign

Bohemia: My final collection explores abstraction, experimenting with the ways that print communicates without having to necessarily include figurative motifs. Inspired by traditional Islamic design and 1970s retro geometric patterns, it makes use of stylised shapes and symmetry collected from various sources, including vintage doilies and microscopic photography. The collection focuses mainly on digital production techniques but aims to retain hand-rendered character through the use of texture and layering. The collection is designed for the interiors market, aligned to the trending bohemian aesthetic, with a strong emphasis on embellishment and a balanced use of rich and neutral colours.

Ellie Silvester | Fashion 6
Ellie Silvester | Fashion 5
Bohemia: Final Print Collection
Ellie Silvester | Fashion 4
Bohemia: Final Print Collection
Ellie Silvester | Fashion 2
Bohemia: Final Cushion Collection
Ellie Silvester | Fashion 1
Bohemia: Table Setting
Ellie Silvester | Fashion
Bohemia: Lampshade
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