Amy Hawthorne



Character Design: Fantasy is a project focused on character concept art. The mage is a magic user on a mission to cleanse their world from the demons that have plagued them since the arrival of the summoner. During her journey she finds help from various characters of different races, all eager to contribute towards her cause and bring salvation to the people.

I’m interested in character design and decided to narrow my idea down to fantasy due to the variety of races in this category. I put a lot of thought into the nature of each race and how their personalities might be reflected in their designs. I’ve really enjoyed working on this project and have learnt a lot during the process, both of which I feel reflect in my work.

Amy Hawthorne | Games 15
Mage splash art
Amy Hawthorne | Games 8
Amy Hawthorne | Games 9
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Amy Hawthorne | Games 14
Mage character sheet 1
Amy Hawthorne | Games 13
Mage character sheet 2
Amy Hawthorne | Games 12
Faun character sheet 1
Amy Hawthorne | Games 11
Faun character sheet 2
Amy Hawthorne | Games 10
Pixie character sheet 1
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