Anna Brescianini

Fine Art


In a Europe that abandons refugees to suffering because they are considered less human, a planet left for dead by advanced capitalism and an economic system that is making hegemonic choices without taking into account differences, I asked myself what is human.

My project is a critique of the limiting theory of anthropocentrism and the supremacy of the species. With an experimental and free approach, I created an alternative human being that includes non-human and technological intersectional elements, close to nature and interspeciesism, a place to become, meaning the body as regulated by multiple elements and in continuous evolution to which I have not set pre-established goals.

As a queer body and female identifier I know the pain of exclusion and have a clear idea of how power works, altering the ideological aspect of the universal human being, therefore, male, white, and heterosexual, I have played with the tension that exists between the universal concept of the human and its declinations, questioning the unwritten rules that form the environment in which we live.

Anna Brescianini | Fine Art 5
Anna Brescianini | Fine Art 4
Anna Brescianini | Fine Art 3
Anna Brescianini | Fine Art 2
Anna Brescianini | Fine Art 1
Anna Brescianini | Fine Art
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