Mohini Ramgi

Fine Art


Personal email: [email protected]

Social channel (Instagram): mohiniramgi

I see myself as a spiritual person, often relying on my intuition to guide me. However, as a person who also has an interest in space science and other scientific disciplines, I also believe in the logical ways of thinking which can be built around a question-and-answer based foundation.

My current practice is a reflection of how these two different ideologies influence my way of thinking and feeling.

As a response to J M W Turner’s dramatic seascape paintings, my practice began as a collection of lino prints of different cloud forms. This has since then evolved into three installations made up of iridescent acrylic shapes mounted onto MDF board, each with its own light source which the audience can move around to produce different reflections. The work explores aspects of spirituality and the scientific processes involved in the formation of clouds.

The reflections produced by the directional light on the iridescent acrylic signifies the colours of the seven chakras, which in spirituality are believed to influence the physical body. While the abstract shapes of the acrylic pieces are juxtaposing of a natural cloud form, it is more so a representative of the tetrahedral molecular structure of water which forms a cloud.

After exploring the works of contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson, having the option for an interactive art work means that I am able to create a connection between not just the audience and the artwork but also between the audience and I, as they are given an insight into the way I perceive the world.

Mohini Ramgi | Fine Art
Mohini Ramgi | Fine Art 3
H2O, 80cm x 80cm, Iridescent acrylic on MDF board.
Mohini Ramgi | Fine Art 2
Water Vapour, 80cm x 80cm, Iridescent acrylic on MDF board.
Mohini Ramgi | Fine Art 1
Nacreous, 80cm x 80cm, Iridescent acrylic on MDF board.
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