Camila Aguais

MA Fine Art - Farnham


My multi-disciplinary practice spans ongoing material investigations of space, motion, colour and text. I am fascinated by ambiguity and the multifaceted nature of objects, places and people. Across mixed media, drawing, sculpture, books, and performance, my practice focuses on exploring motion, space and the body. My approaches to developing each of these areas is guided by my background in contemporary dance.

Colour, plane, form and word are the key elements of the visual and physical language of the work. The interactions and relationships between these key elements drive the development of the work. My practice seeks to work with colour, plane, form and word in a stripped back and direct way in order to distil the essential, inherent qualities of the materials. These distilled elements are then repeated and explored in various configurations and iterations.

Camila Aguais | Fine Art 5
Camila Aguais | Fine Art 4
Camila Aguais | Fine Art 3
Camila Aguais | Fine Art 2
Camila Aguais | Fine Art 1
Camila Aguais | Fine Art
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