Paige Archer

MA Fine Art - Farnham


Paige Archer is a Hampshire based, mixed media artist. She is a student currently completing her Master’s degree in Fine Art at the University of Creative Arts. Paige Archer completed her Bachelor with Honors degree in Fine Art in 2022 at the University for Creative Arts, graduating with a first.

The focus of her practice explores and critiques modern day complications regarding media based outlets and their increasingly clever and subtle designs that can encourage or persuade an individual, with regards to topics such as; FOMO ( Fear of missing out), the unaware consumption of the subconscious mind, exclusion and inclusion, persuasive language and many more. These topics that Paige Archer uses as inspiration manifests in a variety of outcomes and mediums; immersive installations, video formats and sculptures. Her current body of work focuses on advertising material/theory, with the direct intention of un-picking and presenting characteristics of advertising material that deliberately use human psychology in order to gain profitable values. The aesthetic of her work creates a dialogue between the viewers, informing them that the pieces do not resemble reality in any way shape or form. An illustrative, humorous, and kitsch aesthetic confronts the issues regarding advertisement material and her personal relationship to these characteristics. Creating a space and a conversation whereby Paige Archer’s pieces, metaphorically, resemble the imagery of holding a fun-fair distorted mirror in front of reality.

Paige Archer | Fine Art 9
Paige Archer | Fine Art 8
News? Paper
Paige Archer | Fine Art 7
Zine Stand
Paige Archer | Fine Art 6
Eau de toilet
Paige Archer | Fine Art 5
Banana phone
Paige Archer | Fine Art 4
Hungry Cashier
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