Camille Barnett

MA Digital Fashion


Instagram: @camillebarnettdesign

Email: [email protected]

For my final major project, I have chosen to take inspiration from classic ancient Greek mythology and combine it with themes of cyber science-fiction, creating the outcome of myths with high- tech elements. I have also created my outcomes with the view of thinking what the characters’ lives would have been like if the male characters in their stories weren’t involved.

Adding futuristic parts to traditional ancient Greek designs and basing avatar designs on the appearance of the female characters within the stories. I’ve produced seven outcomes, five avatars, two garments based on their story before the events and five garments with the high-tech elements after their events occurred. I want the cyber elements to be a result of what happens in their myths.

  • Apollo perusing Daphne – Daphne, before & after
  • Goddess of Spring & Queen of the Underworld – Persephone, before & after
  • Arachne & Athena’s competition – Arachne
  • King Midas’ Greed – Princess Marigold
  • Queen of the Amazons – Penthesilea

I have created the majority of the elements myself and curated some downloaded objects. I used four main software programs: Daz3D for avatar creation and posing, Clo3D for garment and shoe design, Adobe Substance Painter for skin and garment detailing, and Maya for object modelling, material assignments, environment curating & building, and final renders.

Camille Barnett | Fashion 5
Camille Barnett | Fashion 4
Camille Barnett | Fashion 3
Camille Barnett | Fashion 2
Camille Barnett | Fashion 1
Camille Barnett | Fashion
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