Yuan Hsu

MA Digital Fashion


The creative inspiration behind the work from my cultural background. As a member of the Amis indigenous tribe, our ancestors settled in the eastern part of Taiwan, cultivating a rich and diverse cultural heritage. The sun, the ocean, rice, and the land hold paramount importance in our lives, with these elements deeply interwoven into our attire and symbols.

I have seamlessly integrated these invaluable cultural elements into my creations, aiming to showcase the unique beauty of the Amis tribe through the artworks. Simultaneously, I endeavor to explore the impact of modern society on traditional indigenous culture. In this era, our culture is sometimes commodified, which is one of the issues I wish to address.

Through this exhibition, my aspiration is for the audience to gain a profound understanding of the far-reaching influence of Amis culture and contemplate how to safeguard and perpetuate our traditional values in the modern world. The exhibition’s artworks are not only a tribute to the past but also a revelation for the future, reminding us of the significance of preserving cultural foundations amidst rapid changes.

Yuan Hsuan | Fashion
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