Chea Smart

MA Fine Art - Farnham


Instagram: @beetle_juicie

Email: [email protected]


‘Required Malfunction’

This installation captures the overwhelming, uncomfortable and debilitating feelings that come with chronic pain. As dispossession continues to take place, artistic ideas get clouded by the pain and the bodies inability to take on tasks, resulting in the body and the mind no longer being one together, but becoming separate beings. This work aims to share knowledge with those who don’t understand these emotions, and to help those who struggle to connect with the work and find an outlet.

As a non-binary dyslexic artist that continuously deals with a chronic illness, trying to keep level headed isn’t always so easy. As the mind constantly flashes with new artistic ideas, the body can simply not keep up with the demand to create something new. The idea that the body and mind no longer belong to oneself and has been completely consumed by the unknown, so much so that it takes over completely, leaving the body in a state of despair. Exploring the meaning of dispossessed with visual iconory that turn to representations of agony, suffercation and the inevitable feeling of no escape, through mixed media.

Chea Smart | Fine Art 4
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Chea Smart | Fine Art
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