Weiqing Deng

MA Fine Art - Farnham


My artistic journey is a profound exploration of the intricate connections that binds humanity and the natural world, as illustrated through the compelling relationship between humans and sheep. Utilizing the mediums of painting and felt art, my work delves into the emotional landscapes of these creatures, unearthing the profound stories hidden within their lives. 

My creative voyage is marked by distinct stages, each contributing to a deeper understanding of the interplay between humans, animals, and the environment. This evolution is not merely a visual exploration, but a philosophical and emotional journey that has reshaped my approach to art. 

At the heart of this exploration lies anthropomorphism, a concept that I’ve woven into the fabric of my work. By imagining myself as a sheep, I’ve bridged the divide between human emotions and the animal experience. This balance of anthropomorphic attributes and zoomorphic realities creates a poignant narrative that invites viewers to contemplate the shared emotional terrain between species. 

The symbolism in my work draws inspiration from a multitude of sources, from the intricate patterns of Sam Cox’s art to the evocative color palettes of Peter Doig’s compositions. The ‘Journey of Life’ series, a pivotal facet of my artistic endeavor, is a reflection of the emotional disintegration of sheep subjected to human manipulation. These pieces are deeply informed by artists like Alan Doyle and Kuyu Wang, who skillfully weave storytelling into their visual expressions. 

 The transition from traditional painting to felt art marked a transformative juncture in my artistic trajectory. The choice of wool as a medium is symbolic – not only does it represent the sheep themselves, but it also fosters a tactile connection that channels shared pain and compassion. The process of needle-pricking, while physically challenging, serves as a meditative dance that reflects both the artist’s evolution and the plight of the subjects I depict. 

Yet, my artistic intent transcends the realm of representation. My work strives to evoke empathy for animal rights and spark contemplation on the nuanced relationship between humans and animals. Through the fusion of various mediums, narrative techniques, and emotional connections, I hope to illuminate the emotional landscapes of these sentient beings, fostering a sense of shared responsibility within our ecosystem. 

In a world often overwhelmed by chaos, my art serves as a sanctuary. It allows me to channel emotions, observations, and reflections into a tangible expression that resonates with viewers. Beyond the canvas, my work becomes a mirror, reflecting not only my personal journey but inviting others to introspect on their own paths. 

Ultimately, my artist statement is a declaration of my commitment to fostering connections – between individuals, between species, and between our shared worlds. Through my art, I aspire to bridge gaps, inspire conversations, and inspire curiosity. 

Weiqing Deng | Fine Art 9
Half (2023)
Weiqing Deng | Fine Art 8
Half (2023)
Weiqing Deng | Fine Art 7
Table (2023)
Weiqing Deng | Fine Art 6
Whispering (2023)
Weiqing Deng | Fine Art 5
Dedication (2023)
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