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Hello,my name is Chelsie and I have just finished my studies in Fashion media and promotion at UCA. Through my years of study I decided my passions lie in creative direction and styling. As a whole, I am a multi disciplinary creative who focuses on building concepts from the strange and overlooked.

Here, on this website page, I present my final major project …

DISGUST more specifically ,WHAT IS DISGUSTING? Am I disgusting to you? What do we class as gross and why? What do your judgements say about you as a person? Is disgust learnt? Does privilege cause instant disgust in things that are alien? Personal or factual ? Do we fear what we find “disgusting”, or do we hold prejudice towards it? A macro lens to the things “good society”says are wrong ,unnatural looking and weird.If we live in a society that is quote on quote “accepting now”,  why do we hold these cues?

It was my aim to create a photobook, that was not only filled with photoshoots that i had formed from concepts to execution and which i had built select teams of creatives to make visions come to life but, to also mould together a physical book which made the concept of disgust inescapable. Each shoot was under my own creative direction and styling, and had a unique more abstract angle in the way in which it explored the theme of disgust.

Chelsie Newman | Fashion 1
an image from my enhancement project that ran alongside my final major project
Chelsie Newman | Fashion 7
my showreel presenting me as a creative
Chelsie Newman | Fashion
A run through of the handcrafted pages of my final outcome
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Chelsie Newman | Fashion 6
shoot 1 - "stickers and skin"
Chelsie Newman | Fashion 5
shoot 2 - "choke on it"
Chelsie Newman | Fashion 4
shoot 3 - "stain"
Chelsie Newman | Fashion 3
shoot 4 - "PDA : private displays of affection made public"
Chelsie Newman | Fashion 2
shoot 5 - "the willow"
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