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I always had a clear mind about what I wanted to wear; from a young age I would pick my own clothes out when Mum took me shopping – it was always the brightly coloured, often pink, most quirky outfits. I always knew what I wanted to wear, how I wanted my hair and I dreamt of the most amazing and colourful wardrobe I could.

This collection is me bringing the wardrobe mini-me could only have dreamt of to life. Incorporating drawings by mini-me, inspired by my childhood and bright and sparkly garments I know I would have picked out shopping.

With Mum always encouraging my creativity, I was always doodling as a child, and my Mum kept almost every single one of my drawings, which I have used to develop into a gorgeous, fun, and playful print. I want people to smile when they see my collection and feel a happiness so strong that they could burst at the seams when wearing my garments.

I was always very specific with my wardrobe as a child, it had to be bright, colourful, oversized and bonus points if it was pink and sparkly as well! Most of my outfits were a mishmash of whatever was pinkest or sparkliest, and that’s carried on through to my adulthood. As I’ve grown older, my sense of style hasn’t really changed in the slightest.

To this day, I look at kids clothing and wish I could still wear it, often wondering why they don’t make these cute and quirky, fun little garments in sizes to fit adults – I feel it would make the world a lot more colourful and a much more joyful place to be.

I just want to make mini-me proud and finally bring her dream wardrobe to life.

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Meg Hurst - BA (Hons) Fashion Design Portfolio
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