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In traditional education, for example Taiwan, most of students stay and sit in classroom to study whole subjects such as math,
science and so on. Playground is only place that students can have activities. Therefore, some students lose interest of learning.
According to “Children Welfear League Foundation”which is frrom Taiwan. In the investiagation of students mental health in
2023. 12.2% of students have serious pressure, academic problem account for 76.8%, especially senior high school students.

Some of children lose interest in study result from a mundane
teaching method or monotonous environment examp l e o f
traditional education of primary school in Taiwan. Taiwanese
students would stay in class for a whole day even they learn
different subjects, watching videos and images to learn such as
science, art or music. Moreover, playground is the only place that
pupils can have activities.
I n t e rest on learning is import a n t f o r c h i l d ren because this
factor can help them find their value or meaning in the courses.
Moreover, that would also influence their development of career in
the future or confidence.
Through the conception and design of an institution the age of
children is from five to eight because this range of pupils start
to have self-conscious and have a golden period to developed a
healthy habit. The site of this project is on white cliff in Dover,
which provide convenient element for parents and a vast place for

ChuLing Hsu | Interior Design
Learning Through Play
ChuLing Hsu | Interior Design 1
Learning Through Play
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