Ola Hamdan

MA Interior Design


The project title is Illumination contemporary art centre, a research project in lighting to create a specific atmospheric interior design, which delivers the visitors an unforgettable sensation of the building atmosphere even after leaving the place. It depends on several aspects, utilising the natural environmental elements from the site, using heritage Palestinian architectural lighting elements in a contemporary perspective and a developed artificial lighting system.

The work analyses a set of lighting experiments that investigate the needed quantity and type of light as a part of the interior design to represent the meaning of the places that the using of the same space can be changed by adjusting the used lights, besides developing the artificial lighting system to be more comfortable by mimicking the sunlight, which clarifies how lighting could play a primary role in delivering the aim of the space for users.

Ola Hamdan | Interior Design 12
Exterior view
Ola Hamdan | Interior Design 7
Exterior view
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Ola Hamdan | Interior Design 11
Interior view
Ola Hamdan | Interior Design 10
Interior view
Ola Hamdan | Interior Design 9
Project plans
Ola Hamdan | Interior Design 8
Interior view
Ola Hamdan | Interior Design 6
Exterior view
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