Daisy Parkinson



Website: https://daisyparkinson.wixsite.com/daisy-parkinson

Instagram: @daisyparkinsonart

As an artist working primarily in glass, Daisy’s current practice involves experimentation with the boundaries of mould blowing. Their inspirations initially drew from the diverse skylines of London, the city in which they grew up, expanding to architectural and geometric forms.

Through their ongoing interest in geometric forms, architecture and structure, visuals surrounding construction vs deconstruction are expressed through interchangeable ad hoc moulds, structures and compositions.

Ideas of disjointed construction appear through a process of deconstruction; Looking at the relationship that the internal structures of the spaces we inhabit have with the external.

In this series of works titled: Coalescence, Daisy has expanded the ad hoc theme to their choice of colour, adopting an intuitive combination of assumed, unlabelled colours.

Daisy Parkinson | Crafts 5
Daisy Parkinson | Crafts 4
Daisy Parkinson | Crafts 3
Daisy Parkinson | Crafts 2
Daisy Parkinson | Crafts 1
Daisy Parkinson | Crafts
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