Diana Janes



Diana Janes was born in Kent, England and is a documentary, lifestyle and portrait photographer. Her photography seeks to develop stories by getting to know the subjects or by recreating true life narratives. Janes is intrigued by people and their experiences. Through authentic, beautiful and meaningful images she strives to provoke human emotions.

Her latest series ‘No Compromise’, Janes takes on a personal project and utilises her knowledge of a real-life situation where alcoholism caused turmoil for everyone involved. She addresses how it affects marital loneliness and the breakup of connection with the rest of the family.

Using digital photography in black and white format, Janes conveys a sense of despair and highlights the quiet suffering and hopelessness from behind closed doors.

Diana Janes | Photography 14
Separate lives
Diana Janes | Photography 19
Diana Janes | Photography 18
Life is hard
Diana Janes | Photography 17
Loneliness consumes you
Diana Janes | Photography 16
Diana Janes | Photography 15
Time for Reflection
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