Naisargi Shah



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I was looking everywhere to know what beauty is, but I realized it’s not something that I can find once and keep it for myself. Through this project I started focusing more on myself and worth rather than validation from others. What matters is what I believe in. I got to know some amazing stories from people, and it gave me another perspective to view the world.

I photographed different people with similar composition and everyone was wearing the same dress. But each image is developed differently. I wanted to focus on their journey, not appearance. I wanted the dress, their body and looks to become least interesting thing and viewer would want to know what was the process behind that image. Each photography technique is related to subject’s story I hope I did justice to each subject and their story. They are all unique, they all live a life as exciting and as complex as mine.

Naisargi Shah | Photography 5
Naisargi Shah | Photography 4
Naisargi Shah | Photography 3
Naisargi Shah | Photography 2
Naisargi Shah | Photography 1
Naisargi Shah | Photography
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