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Hi everyone, I am Disen Hu and this is my final major project.


For this project, I went through primary research, and secondary research to determine the direction of my project, then through experimentation, and development to determine what my project would be about, and finally the production. My initial idea was to use this project to show how fast time passes.


Initially, I decided to make a scene with a dragon element based on a game I was interested in: World of Warcraft. The scene consisted of a time station in a fossilized dragon head skull, the time station was based on some unique dials I had found in my research. I drew on some realistic animals, as well as dragons designed by other artists, to design the skull for the project.


The dragon is a symbol of magic, the gears and the time station are symbols of technological engineering and time. After the passage of time, the dragons have decayed and disappeared, and humans have used the remnants of magic to build sophisticated time instruments in an attempt to travel back in time to find greater magical power and change the world. But the remnants of magic are strengthened by the time travel fluctuations, which awaken the dragons, and the age of technology comes to an end, starting the reincarnation of the Age of Magic.


I created this project using Maya, ZBrush, Substance 3D Painter, and Unreal Engine 5.

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