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A New God VR is an immersive internal environment set in Virtual Reality. The church design stems from the wooden and high vaulted ceiling found across rural America; where the scene is set. Furthermore, the disused elements, such as the rotted-away wooden roof and the stained walls, come from the effects of natural disasters and how churches are seen as a place of refuge from these events.  

The inclusion of an illegal drug operation is to juxtapose the well-known image of a church being a place of purity and innocence. This coupled with the location of the lab being set in a space designed for children to learn about Christianity and the Bible heightens this notion. Furthermore, the inclusion of newspaper articles stating the events leading to this lab occupying this space adds to the narrative. 

A New God VR highlights the importance of a supporting community, through the outcasted members of society and religion. With these people turning to addictive substances to find a leader, or help; and in turn, finding a new God in the creator of these substances. 

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Overview image of 'A New God VR' Enviroment
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Pan around video of 'A New God VR' enivroment
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Overview image of the 'A New God VR' enviroment
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Close up of Lab area in 'A New God VR'
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Close up of Lab area in 'A New God VR'
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Overview of Lab area in 'A New God VR'
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