Dongqi Luo



I am a weaver and a recent graduate with a BA in Textile Design from the University for the Creative Arts. My passion for nature and sustainability is central to her practice, and she is committed to using natural materials in her weaving and dyeing processes.
For me, sustainable development is not just a buzzword, but a crucial consideration for contemporary textile designers. I believes that responsible design practices are essential for the health of the planet and for the well-being of future generations.

I enjoy using different materials in combination with weaving to create different textures and surface effects. With this project, I aim to break through the limitation of materials to create more possibilities. so, in this project, I will continue to explore the relationship between biomaterials and weaving. First, I experimented a lot with biomaterials and tried to combine them with weaving in various ways. For example, fusing biomaterials with woven samples, making small strips of biomaterial, and then weaving them, or sewing biomaterials onto weaving samples. These are all perfect combinations of biomaterial and weaving. For the final display, I wanted to create a decorative artwork that could be hung. I think this will be a successful and very promising project, which could be a trend in the textile industry. As the fashion and textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, which includes water pollution, land pollution and air pollution. So as a student of textile design, I feel it is my duty and responsibility to work for the sustainability of the textile industry.

My ultimate goal as a weaver is to create pieces that not only delight the eye but also inspire viewers to reflect on their relationship with the natural world. I believes that art has the power to spark conversations, and I hope that my work will contribute to a broader dialogue about sustainability and responsible design practices.

Dongqi Luo | Textiles 5
Dongqi Luo | Textiles 4
The yellow material in this sample is a biomaterial made of orange peel, which is a completely degradable and environmentally friendly material.
Dongqi Luo | Textiles 3
The material in this sample is biomaterial made of onion skin and avocado peel. You can see the texture of the raw material on its surface when you zoom in.
Dongqi Luo | Textiles 2
The biological material in this sample was made by extracting the colour of red cabbage.
Dongqi Luo | Textiles 1
The biological material in this sample was made by extracting the colour of red cabbage. But a different recipe was used.
Dongqi Luo | Textiles
The biomaterial in this sample made of onion skin, and the colour of the material is different due to different recipes.
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