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A Scrapbook of Memory is a woven retelling of the memories from my childhood scrapbook. Focused on my Great Granny’s original hand painted cards she sent to us, from across the country throughout my Childhood. This project is an ode to her creative past, a thank you to my family for their constant support and a woven story of the past.

Hand painted breakdown prints are joined across the piece by black ‘floating’ weft lines resembling an abstract written word and connecting each of the prints across the whole piece. Free machine embroidery of phrases directly from my Great Granny’s letters, guide you across the piece, as it tells its own story. Warp prints resemble the foggy memories we find it hard to retrieve, the images appear fractured through the warp. Paired with clear breakdown prints onto the finished woven cloth to represent clear and prevalent memories. These 2 stages of printing have allowed me to play with different clarity of image and memory.

My work is centred around traditional hand craft and the 3.5 metre length was woven on a George Wood dobby loom. Woven with a silk warp and linen weft using fine mock leno structures, the piece plays with light and transparency, casting shadows when in direct sunlight. I hope that when visitors view the cloth, they can feel immersed in the narrative and reflect on their own personal memories.

Amy Stevens | Textiles
'A Scrapbook of Memory' A hand woven and printed final piece.
Amy Stevens | Textiles 5
'A Scrapbook of Memory' Final piece photographed at Farnham Maltings.
Amy Stevens | Textiles 4
Close up image of the final piece. Here you can see the details of the prints, weave and embroidery.
Amy Stevens | Textiles 3
Amy Stevens | Textiles 2
Development sample, resembling a written letter. Woven using linen with a wool slub floating weft.
Amy Stevens | Textiles 1
Inspiration images of my Great Granny's original hand painted botanical cards.
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