Emma Lesur



Instagram & Twitter: @gremwyn

email: [email protected]

Website: https://lnk.bio/gremwyn

A range of some of my favourite work over the last three years studying at UCA; both personal and produced for the course.

Emma Lesur | Illustration 4
'We Know How to Love' - a stream-of-consciousness sketchbook page made while visiting a house from my childhood filled with heavy memories.
Emma Lesur | Illustration 5
"Face to Face" - This work is a personal reflection of the journey towards closeness with another, and the mystical experiences found in overcoming psychological barriers in order to reach that vulnerability and mutual understanding.
Emma Lesur | Illustration 3
"Sunset" - taking from the abstract impressionist movement, with this piece I sought to celebrate the celestial and divine feelings of witnessing a beautiful sunset, and the convergence between sun and ocean.
Emma Lesur | Illustration 2
"Heaven is Empty" - a piece utilising the conventions of posters as a means to explore what mythologies we might need carry us through in an age of global crisis (Major Project Outcome)
Emma Lesur | Illustration 1
One of a series of 6 illustrations that felt important in reconnecting with my Mexican heritage. In Aztec mythology, Xoloitzcuintles (Mexican hairless dogs), help guide their owners through a dark and billowing underworld.
Emma Lesur | Illustration
"Secret" - A cryptic mood-piece exploring the interaction between line, form, pattern, and text.
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