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Hello! My name is Lara Dally. Through my work I like to explore the capabilities of illustration and a touch of graphics. 

Throughout my illustration degree, I explored the process and challenges of visual storytelling and gradually, developed a growing interest and passion for design. I found that through learning about graphic design principles and implementing them within my work I was able to more effectively communicate my projects ideas and concepts in a more digestible manner. By my final year, I became thoroughly consumed by graphic design principles and have centered my projects around advancing my technical skills as well as developing my abilities in communicating a concept or story to a particular audience. I am intrigued by utilizing and learning new mediums and software, from expanding my skills in the Adobe suite to experimenting with motion graphics as well as 3d design. 

These skills are something of which I was able to practice and develop upon throughout my final major project. For this project, I set out to produce a piece of printed editorial design to act as a newspaper/ magazine that functioned to inform and educate about the struggles of single mothers. I used 3D design to create illustrations for the magazines that were both visually intriguing but also managed to communicate and evoke a sense of sentimentality. 

Through my work I like to explore new mediums and practices exercising my ambition and how those skills may be utilized to inform, educate or modernize. 

If my work looks interesting and you would want to potentially see more or contact me my behance link is : and my professional website is : You can also find me on LinkedIn : 

Lara Dally | Illustration
Lara Dally cover image
Lara Dally | Illustration 6
Magazine designed for Final Major Project investigating the struggles of the single mother. Illustrations were made through Blender and editorial design made through Indesign
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Lara Dally | Illustration 5
Business card design and render. Designed using Adobe Illustrator and mockup made through Blender
Lara Dally | Illustration 4
Made for an Illustrated Packaging Workshop, I redesigned the ‘Bonne Mammon’ strawberry jam jar label. The illustrations and final label were designed and illustrated on Adobe Illustrator, and the final label presented on a render made on Blender and finally the render was edited on photoshop
Lara Dally | Illustration 3
The New Statesman brief recreating a past issue by illustrating a double spread that reflects the financial impact of climate change editorial design credit : Elan Afzali
Lara Dally | Illustration 2
Interactive Posters that when scanned display information about the Trummerfrau, designed using Blender and Illustrator
Lara Dally | Illustration 1
The New Statesman brief recreating a past issue, illustrating the cover to represent the 'Our Fragile Future'. Illustration made on Adobe Illustrator. Editorial design : Elan Afzali
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