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Lululemon X UNLIMITED is a brand extension of Lululemon that offers an adaptive-workleisure collection focused on activewear, designed especially for women with physical impairment, arm or leg prosthetics, and in a wheelchair. The collection will bring comfort, efficiency, and versatility. Moreover, Lululemon X UNLIMITED utilises innovative-sustainable materials grounded by its parent company, Lululemon. The brand will ensure women with disabilities feel confident and encourage them to do something beyond the limit despite their physical impairment, reflected in the brand essence, “Authenticity with Confidence.”


After the pandemic, a new term, “home-working lifestyle”, encourages people to work from home, creating a new fashion trend, the workleisure style, where people seek casual work attire. According to Wallis and Sandle (2022), the market for “workleisure” will grow from a million dollars to multiple million dollars between 2017 and 2022. Moreover, there is a need for adaptivewear, considering that the buying power of the disabled community grows. The economic power of the disabled community is estimated to be worth $8 trillion (Purple Pound, 2021 cited in Bullock, 2021). Therefore, the adaptive-workleisure brand that focuses on activewear for women with disability is a good business opportunity for the current and future markets.


This project taught me much knowledge about the workleisure and adaptivewear industry. Thus, my motivation is to improve my business skills and become a professional business consultant specialist in this area. 

Graciella Violetta | Business & Management 1
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Graciella Violetta | Business & Management
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