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As an aviation enthusiast, I have viewed this magazine as a passion project from day one, as such, I have put in a very hands-on approach towards this project, which I did most of the interview and writing, along with photography works in it. With that goal in mind, I set out with the aspiration of making an aviation magazine with the best contents and photographs. As a result, Aviation Museum issue #001 is born.

Aviation Museum is an aviation magazine inspired by the preservation efforts put out by the aviation museums and preservation groups and its various staffs and volunteers. Seeing the recent news of how certain museums and collections were threatened by closure inspired me to create a magazine to showcase the world of aviation heritage, to put out a platform that can voice out the operation hardships and the goals that these museums or groups are trying to achieve, and what they are trying to save for the future generations.

To achieve this, I have travelled to numerous museums, participated in several shooting events to get the best photographs to showcase the collections, and I have interviewed several groups and experts to discuss about the topics on aircraft preservation. To include contents outside of the UK, I have also enlisted helps from my friends in the aviation sphere, and managed to interview people from the US, and acquiring some pictures from the stateside too. There is also a small story piece that came from the Philippines which is about a rather interesting display aircraft. Aside from the serious feature stories, the magazine also includes op-ed, and list of upcoming aviation events and airshows, and galleries from museum visits and event reports, to provide well rounded contents.

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Aviation Museum Issue #001
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Cover of Aviation Museum Issue #001
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Mirage IV's night shoot debut at Yorkshire Air Museum
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Mirage IV under the deep blue skies of York
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Raspberry Ripple Tornado GR.1 at the South Wales Aviation Museum
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Record breaking McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR.2 'Black Knight' at South Wales Aviation Museum
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Royal Air Force Centenary Panavia Tornado GR.4 at South Wales Aviation Museum
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