Jiahao Dong

MA Fashion Design


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This is women’s street-style hip-hop clothes from the A.P.D.C. brand. Each product in the line is produced and designed in accordance with the hip-hop culture that serves as the brand’s foundation. Based on the brand’s idea, multi-layer lamination, oversize, patchwork, and large-area printing are its key design elements. The brand’s finished product does a good job of displaying this. The top of the finished item has a significant amount of printing, while the jacket and pants are patchwork-styled with various materials. The whole group All of the clothing is oversized, and the usage of multi-layer laminated style in the jacket’s sleeves and the midsection of the pants makes for an eyecatching design element. The brand will constantly follow this kind of fashion as it develops, whether it be in the form of jackets, tops, trousers,
skirts and so forth. This brand considers this look to be a part of street culture.

Jiahao Dong | Fashion 6
I decided to use this page as a featured image since it explains the fundamental idea of my work.
Jiahao Dong | Fashion
Graffiti, DJ, rap, and hip-hop dancing are a few of the key components of hip-hop culture that I included on the cover.
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Jiahao Dong | Fashion 5
This page is a print for the company I created.
Jiahao Dong | Fashion 4
This is the lineup of the last piece of clothes I drew.
Jiahao Dong | Fashion 3
This is a compilation of all the sketches created from the earlier stand work.
Jiahao Dong | Fashion 2
This stand work was created in the brand's aesthetic.
Jiahao Dong | Fashion 1
The brand's colours and the textiles used are the major topics of this article. The two major materials used to create A.P.D.C.'s finished goods are cotton and denim. The brand prints the cloth using digital printing technology.
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