Joseph Caleno

BA (Hons) Animation


I wanted to make an animation that focused mainly on character and environment design. I wanted the world it is set in to be filled with personality. My animation is about two alien brothers, Yobi and Sangu. They are Tutoans, an alien race, from a planet called Attozigi. I was influenced by Moari and Fijian culture when designing the aliens. It was important that the animation felt like a small story set in a huge universe. I made this apparent by adding a short summary at the start of the animation, mentioning a character who never appears physically in the animation. The story focuses on the alien brothers, on a mission to prove the existence of a terrifying monster believed to be nothing more than folklore. Yobi, is scared and does not want to take part in this mission. On the other hand, his older brother, Sangu, is determined and not afraid of anything. For him, this is just another day. At the end of the animation, sheepish Yobi is forced to take control of The Wonder, after it is sent plummeting to the ground. He saves the day and becomes a hero.

Joseph Caleno | Animation 5
The Dekilios Monster Animation FIlm
Joseph Caleno | Animation 6
Title Screen
Joseph Caleno | Animation 4
Scared Yobi Frame
Joseph Caleno | Animation 3
The Wonder Flies Towards Dekilios Frame
Joseph Caleno | Animation 2
Bloodlake Frame
Joseph Caleno | Animation 1
The Wonder Lands Frame
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