Josh Wickenden

BA (Hons) Animation


My motivation towards creating my final year film was the desire to produce one with serious tones, as that had been something I was afraid to do previously and relied on lightheartedness. For this film, I wanted to create this feeling of dread and tension between the characters rather than just an interesting dynamic. 

My film is intended to be a representation of how I perceive my anxiety. The whole film takes place on a glass plane that’s being kept together by a single person. During this, a creature is constantly trying to attack them. The Creature and how it becomes a bigger issue the more energy the character gives them is how I want the anxiety to be portrayed.  I also wanted the creature to have a sense of unpredictability which is why they morph into different forms throughout.

I wanted to incorporate mixed media into the film, so in an attempt to prevent large amounts of gore, I used 2d animation to show any graphic elements like fingers and eyes being ripped out. I used a charcoal appearance and gave myself a limited time for each frame to make it appear less clean and precise. I like the end result of emphasising those moments and think it was a good way of reducing the amount of violence shown.

The software I’ve used consists primarily of Blender for the CG sections. The 2D elements were made using Photoshop. Alongside these, I also used Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Audition. 

Josh Wickenden | Animation
Solid Ground cover
Josh Wickenden | Animation 6
Solid Ground
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