Joshua Summers

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


Project 6 (Piel De La Tierra) is a project that aims to tackle the ever-growing mass of litter in the ocean. Today, 35.77% of fast-food waste are found on Spanish beaches and 2.57 million metric tonnes of plastic are produced in Spain. The primary aim is to use delivery riders on bicycles to deliver the waste to the building to reduce the amount of emissions that is being caused by traffic pollution within the neighbourhood of El Carmen.  The building will take food waste produced by Valencia’s restaurants and using research done at MIT will develop a new bio composite material within the laboratories. This new material will be able to disintegrate and dissolve when it is submerged or left outside for a year. The building is designed in a way that allows the process of making the material to happen in an efficient and functional way.

Project 5a (The Showman Without applause) is a outpost project for a projectionist and movie maker who needed a room to develop film and project on a near by wall, their current work.

Project 5b (The Collaborative House) This project aims to create a collaboration space between different fields. To achieve this by having dwellings interconnected in the living spaces i.e. living room/kitchen/dining room. This is to encourage sharing not only when working but when relaxing, whist also helping relive the pressures that can come with working from home with children.

final bored layout, Project 6 Manifesto collage, Project 6 Bay study, Project 6 1.50 Section, Project 5a 1.5 Section, Project 5b Model photo

Joshua Summers | Architecture
Final project board layout
Joshua Summers | Architecture 5
Project 5b model
Joshua Summers | Architecture 4
Project 5a section
Joshua Summers | Architecture 3
Project 6 section
Joshua Summers | Architecture 2
Project 6 bay study
Joshua Summers | Architecture 1
Project 6 collage
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