Karolina Kollarova

Product Design


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Project Polaris is based on research of Highly Sensitive individuals who face overwhelming on a daily basis. Following this research, I designed a forearm bracelet that enables these indiviuals to navigate and refocus their senses back to their bodies.

I used bioplastics as a reflection on circular production. More than that, HSP´s positively react on raw natural materials.

The bracelet itself is designed to function as a sort of „second skin,“ albeit not quite so. The distinct contrast between the bracelet and the skin is markedly discernible. Despite the bracelet‘s lightness, it may still elicit a somewhat unfamiliar sensation.

The configuration of Polaris evokes a sense of deconstructed ribs. This perception can be interpreted in both favorable and unfavorable ways. Irrespective of the interpretation, the naturally geometric shape offers a
means to shift focus away from a state of overwhelming thoughts and redirect it towards one‘s own body.

The intervals between the pipes exist purposefully, as I aimed to craft negative spaces that would facilitate personal contact with one‘s skin. The intention was to encourage a specific kind of connection that would
lead individuals to recognize the disparity between the material and their skin.

Karolina Kollarova | Product Design 3
Collision of Two Worlds
Karolina Kollarova | Product Design 2
Technical Drawings of Polaris
Karolina Kollarova | Product Design 1
Final Bioplastics
Karolina Kollarova | Product Design
Product display
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