Sahil Kumar

Product Design


The CONVERT project focuses on the 3R rule (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) to convert milk packet waste into functional and aesthetically pleasing products. It is based on the belief that waste can be used as a source of new material with various practical and artistic uses.
A core tenet of the initiative is the inception of a mobile application, aptly
named “CONVERT.” This app engenders a symbiotic relationship between
users and the environment, providing a platform wherein individuals can
exchange their milk packet waste for tangible incentives. Through a virtuous cycle, users are motivated to adopt responsible waste management practices and rewarded for their contributions. These incentives span a spectrum from valuable coupons and substantial discounts to a diverse array of products, all conveniently accessible within the same application

Sahil Kumar | Product Design 4
Mobile Application "CONVERT"
Sahil Kumar | Product Design 2
Sahil Kumar | Product Design 1
Sahil Kumar | Product Design
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