Katie Bishop



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Instagram: @katiebishopdesign

For this project I wanted to create a full costume for the
character of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast by Menkin
and Rice. The adaptation I was designing for would be
an abstract film set in 1900s France. I took inspiration
from Steampunk fashion by keeping to Victorian clothing
styles, but adding modern/ futuristic elements of
colour or symbolism. I was also influenced by the ideals
of the Avant-garde movement. I wanted to move away
from the classic Hollywood depiction of lycanthropic
characters and produce something that could captivate
an audience with intriguing and exaggerated features.
I did this with prosthetics made from silicone, latex and
expanding foam. I upcycled second hand garments to
achieve my desired costume and distressed them to
add character. I then applied the prosthetics to a model,
dressed her and applied makeup to make it cohesive,
then shot my costume under studio lights to see how it
would look on screen in the film it was produced for.

Katie Bishop | Film 5
The Beast by Katie Bishop
Katie Bishop | Film 4
The Beast, image 1
Katie Bishop | Film 3
The Beast, image 2
Katie Bishop | Film 2
The Beast, image 3
Katie Bishop | Film 1
The Beast, image 4
Katie Bishop | Film
The Beast, image 5
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