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My inspiration comes, largely, from fantasy. Medieval fantasy and mythology tends to lend to a lot of my design choices while bearing practicality in mind. A background in making costumes for LARP means that I tend to make clothes that will last for years.

The showcase features three costumes from Mozart’s libretto, The Magic Flute. My inspiration came from Slavic mythology, as reflected in the Queen’s outfit particularly. Her skull transitions are purposeful, from the innocence of the deer to her real form, the cunning fox. I wanted it to be a subtle nod to the sides that the Queen shows, and the disguises she uses. Two foxlike skulls are fibreglass, and the two deer are EVA foam.

Sasha Whitlock | Film
An example of Pamina from my final major project in third year
Sasha Whitlock | Film 1
Cover for my professional portfolio, dictating how I made my final major project
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Sasha Whitlock | Film 6
Inspired by the sun, I wanted to make Sarastro look like the emperor he is.
Sasha Whitlock | Film 5
A mixture of The Cat Returns' ballgown and inspired by the insects of Nausicaa's world, this ballgown speaks its own rebellion.
Sasha Whitlock | Film 4
Made from recycled curtains, Pamina is my proudest work, inspired by Russian traditional royalty.
Sasha Whitlock | Film 3
Inspired by a dark fae aesthetic, Queen goes through a transition of four skulls throughout the show from deer to fox.
Sasha Whitlock | Film 2
The four skulls that the Queen of the Night wears. The top two are EVA foam/foam clay, and the bottom are fibreglass.
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